Safety and Environment

TAZAMA Pipelines places a high premium on Safety and Environment because of the nature of the product that it transports namely; petroleum products. Therefore, every effort is taken in order to protect employees, company property and the environment.

In compliance with the laws of, the company has the following licenses:-


Bwana Mkubwa

  • License to transport Waste
  • License to generate Hazardous Waste
  • License to store hazardous Waste

Kalonje / Chinsali Pump Stations

  • Permit to emit air pollutants (4×2)
  • License to generate hazardous waste (1×2)
  • License to store hazardous waste (1×2)
  • License to transport hazardous waste (1)
  • License to discharge effluent (1×2)

2. Local government

  • Fire certificates

3. ERB

  • Transporting license

4. Ministry of labour

  • Lifting appliance certificates